What We Offer

At marqet we provide our customers with an upgraded shopping experience while keeping prices competitive. Shop our aisles for top quality fresh produce, meat & poultry and enjoy our wide selection of food and non food products with the latest arrivals from the States.  marqet also cares for your wellbeing and have brought you a big assortment of healthy and organic products to help you stay fit

Coffee Shop
marqet is joining hands with Gloria Jeans Coffee to warm up your shopping experience. 
Our bakery offers you a whole menu of of regular and organic baguettes, croissants and viennoiseries all baked on a daily basis
Fruits & Vegetables
Our promise to you is top quality and we keep you in mind when we handpick our fruits and vegetables to ensure we save you this one extra shopping stop.
Meat & Poultry
Besides the regular assortment of local and imported meat, check out how they are spicing up the meat and chicken to propose new items to your menu.
For those of you planning a party or looking forward to that romantic dinner, at marqet we have what you need
Charcuterie & Dairy products
try our own branded dairy products for a taste like no other.
Household care
All your house can require from local to American assortments is available at marqet
Personal Care
In a pampering mood? We have stacked our shelves with your favourite brands to help you do just that!